The conductor


Anton has a distinctive style of conducting; his gestures and facial expressions clearly portray his musical perception and interpretation.

“By actively listening to each other, musicians in an orchestra not only increase their awareness but they also learn to understand the music better. I try to achieve this, not by dictating what should happen, but by encouraging the musicians themselves to communicate with each other.”

Anton completed his bachelor (1st phase study) in conducting at the same time as his bachelor (1st phase study) in Trumpet Classical music at the Rotterdam Conservatory. Afterwards he started working as a conductor for various wind bands in the Rotterdam area. Through these orchestras Anton gained extensive experience in technical, organisational and social aspects. In 2010 he conducted two recitals to complete his masters (2nd phase study) in conducting wind orchestras / brass bands. The first with the Fanfare Korps Bereden Wapens from Vught (Royal Netherlands Army Mounted Regiment Brass Band) and the second with de Marinierskapel der Koninklijke Marine (Marine Band of the Dutch Royal Navy) where he conducted the premiere of his self-composed 1st Symphony.

Anton conducts: