Trumpet and continuo or orchestra

Sonate G1 in D by Torelli

Sinfonia con Tromba by Torelli

Concerto in D by Torelli

Concerto in E-moll (for hobo) Telemann

Concerto in F-moll (for hobo) Telemann

Concerto in D by Telemann

Concert in C by Albinoni

Concert a Cinque in D minor by Albinoni

Concerto in Re by Tartini

Suite in D by Handel

Brandeburgs Concert by J.S. Bach

Trompet Concert in Eb by J. Neruda

Trompet Concert in Eb by J. Haydn

Trompet Concert in Eb by J.N. Hummel


Trompet and Organ:

Vensters by Peter Eben

Licht en Donker by Jan Welmers

Rage by Jan Hage

Donquishotisme by Anton Weeren

Intrada by Honegger

Concerto by Henri Tomasi

Arioso Barocco by Andre Jolivet

Canzona by Henk Badings

Drie Geistliche Konzerte by Hans Werner Henze

Sonata for Trumpet and Organ by Alan Hovhaness

Trumpet Tune by Purcell

Trumpet Voluntary Purcell


Trompet and Orchestra or Piano:

Trumpeldor by Roger Boutry

Sarabande et finale by Raymond Gallois Montbrun

Konzert by Oskar Böhme

Sonate by Hindemith

Intrada by Honegger

Legend by Enescu

Concerto by Robert Planel

Concerto by Arutiunian

Concerto by Henri Tomasi

Concerto by Andre Jolivette

Concerto by Charles Chaynes

Rustique by Bozza

Caprice no 1 Bozza

Caprice no 2 Bozza


Trompet and tape:

Wicker work by Jan haderman

Iron Language Alphabeth by Roger Doil

Sticks and Stones by Anton Weeren

Dirty Stuff by Anton Weeren


Solo Trumpet:

Sonatina by Hans Werner Henze

Paths by Toru Takemitsu

Solus by Stanley Friedman

Intrada by Otto Ketting

Postcarts by Antoni Plog

Intrada by Rob Goorhuis

Intrada voor een afscheid by Anton Weeren